The credits table has been removed from the CDHA website.  The CDHNS Continuing Competency Committee has reviewed the current courses offered through CDHA, and has created their own credits table. Members can view this table below.

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Appendix A – For the Application for Registration

Blank CE Records to print - CDHNS Continuing Competency Record Form CDHNS Continuing Competency Record Form

Dental Hygienists are encouraged to attend a variety of courses.
We are pleased to provide a Certificate of Attendance which can be printed and brought with you to any courses for your convenience.

CDHNS Continuing Competency Requirements

Applicable legislation:

Dental Hygienists Act of Nova Scotia

(4) The Council may, with the approval of the Governor in Council and subject to this Act, make regulations
d) respecting a quality assurance program, including requirements for members to participate in any such program, and including continuing education requirements or practice-hour requirements of members for registration or licensing;


Regulation Section 8(1)

(d) for an applicant who graduated from an accredited dental hygiene program more than 3 years before their application, they must
(i) have completed, in the 3 years immediately before their application, 45 hours of continuing competency requirements approved by the Council, and
(ii) have been practising dental hygiene in the 3 years immediately before the date of their application;

This applies to persons applying for a new licence. Members who are renewing licences must obtain 45 points in their assigned 3 year cycle or in the case of initial cycles as the CDHNS has assigned.


Continuing Competency Committee

This committee approves courses and reviews audit material for the CDHNS. Members may contact the committee through the CDHNS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Dalhousie CE courses 2014/2015

The Continuing Competency Committee reviewed the offered courses at CDHA in February 2016. The results are as follows:

CDHA Online Courses – 2017

Course Title Number of Credits CDHNS CE Category
Oral Cancer Screening 5 credits Category 1
Detect, Respond, Refer 35 credits Category 1
Elder Abuse 6 credits Category 1
Independent Practice 4 credits Category 3
Negotiations 5 credits Category 3
Interpersonal Skills 5 credits Category 3
Work & Personal Life Balance 6 credits Category 3
Healthy Workplace 3.5 credits Category 3
Professional Role 5 credits Category 3
Difficult conversations 3 credits Category 3
Self-Initiation for Dental Hygienists in NS (guidelines 6.1.10) 15 credits Category 1
Dental Hygiene Practice in NS: Jurisprudence 5 credits Category 1

CDHA Online Webinars – 2017

Webinar Title Number of Credits CDHNS CE Category
Baccalaureate Dental Hygiene Education 1 credit Category 3
Key Highlights from the 2015 Job Market/ Employment Survey 1 credit Category 3
Time for Change! Evidence-based Periodontal Debridement 1.5 credit Category 1
E-Cigarettes 1 credit Category 1
Independent Practice: Gearing Up and Getting Going! 1 credit Category 3
Dental Hygiene in a pain in the … 1 credit Category 1
Interprofessional Education: Promoting Collaborative Care 1 credit Category 3
An Evening with Heart 1 credit Category 3
Advocacy for Dental Hygienists: Government Relations 101 1 credit Category 3
Everything you wanted to know about Cochrane Resources 1 credit Category 3
Interdental Brushing 1 credit Category 3
Effectiveness of fluoride varnishes and sealants 1 credit Category 1
Prevent and Protect: Liability Insurance 1 credit Category 3
Ready, Set, Go! Demystifying Claims and Codes 1 credit Category 3
One to One Dietary Interventions 1 credit Category 1
Critical Illness Insurance 1 credit Category 3

Neuro-musculoskeletal Injuries

(each webinar)

1 credit Category 1
Changing Face of Dental Hygiene Employment in Canada 1 credit Category 3
Abuse of Older Adults Webinar Series (each webinar) 1 credit Category 1
Peer Review Process 1 credit Category 3
Healthy Smiles Ontario 1 credit Category 3
Arrestin 1 credit Category 1

Silver Diamine Fluoride

1 credit

Category 1

Oral Rinsing 1 credit Category 1
Naked Truth: Bare Essentials for Baby Boomer Health 1 credit Category 1
Strategies to Supercharge students and clients 1 credit Category 3
Navigating the Labyrinth of procedure codes and E claims 1 credit Category 3
The Mysteries of the peer review process 1 credit Category 3
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