The College of Dental Hygienists of Nova Scotia

The College of Dental Hygienists of Nova Scotia exists so that, in the best interest of the public, the practice of dental hygiene is effectively regulated and the integrity of the profession is supported through the cost-effective stewardship of resources.

CDHNS Return-to-Work Announcement

We remain open during our in-office hours (M-F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm). However, for the safety of all Nova Scotians, in-person visits are limited to essential activities that must be completed in-person. The rest will be conducted virtually. Please review our office reopening plan, to see the protocols developed to safely reopen our doors to the public.  An appointment must be scheduled to visit the CDHNS physical location by contacting

Please go to the CONTACT page for further information. 

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Novel Coronavirus, SARS CoV-2 Updates

Office Closures

Our office will be closed on Monday Dec 26, Tuesday Dec 27, 2022, and Monday January 2, 2023.   

Call for Indigenous Professionals in the Health Sector

The Federation of Dental Hygiene Regulators of Canada (FDHRC) are calling for health sector professionals with lived Indigenous experience to share knowledge and perspectives that will contribute to anti-racist, accessible, safe, and inclusive oral health services across what is now commonly called Canada. To learn more, please click on one of the two brochures below. Deadline to apply - Monday Dec 5, 2022.   

FDHRC Project Recruitment Notice (English)

FORHDC Project Recruitment Notice (Francais) 

This project is guided by values and perspectives codified in custom art created by Two-Spirit visual artist, Margaret August of the Shíshálh Nation in Coast Salish territory. This custom art is shown in the attached brochures.  

CDHNS Registrants: Registrant Portal (Database) and Email Updates

As of Feb 1, 2022, CDHNS Registrants began using a new database (Registrant Portal). You will find information on how to log in on the Member Login page. 

It is critical that you remain up-to-date by reviewing the important email updates from the CDHNS. If you aren’t receiving our emails, confirm that the email address we have on file is accurate. Additionally, check your spam or junk folder. Ensure that and are set as “safe senders” so that messages are not blocked or removed by your system. If the issue continues, please contact your service provider to see what can be done.